Our customers will have the possibility to rent: 

  • The coffee roasters
  • Tasting lab

for 8 hours or for 4 (at the beginning just half a day, 8 hours after the first period of growth)


We’ll provide roasting service, allowing our customers to empower their own brand with their own products, using green beans from our suppliers

  • Our clients will be able to get green coffee and we will roast it for them, thus charging just for the cost of work


    • We’ll organize Roasting e Barista training classes, both SCA, and tailor-made – focusing on clients’ requests



  • Importing and re-selling of Green Coffee for We Roast customers and for IMF clients
  • Importing from New Coffee Origins countries producers
  • Green beans storage to let, avoiding Brexit custom clearance delays


  • Sustainability: Low CO2 emissions for coffee roasting due to technological software utilisation through IMF roasting machines.
  • IMF will use this space to bring client, show their equipments and sell coffee roasters.
  • WeRoast will take care to set up training and tasting rooms, with their own machines in consignment business

Moka Coffee Machine Exhibition

  • Collection of Moka with more than 120 items from early 1900 to today
  • Museum of the History of Moka and Coffee making
  • Coffee display with dedicated workshops and masterclasses