We roast defines new possibilities for coffee lovers, by connecting baristas, roasters, business owners and entrepreneurs through passion and knowledge; we want to change the world and for that we need your help.

We created an ecosystem of services for our coffee lovers, to support our community in sharing resources and technical knowledge, empowering enthusiasts to learn new skills, and helping roasting professionals to start their own coffee businesses.

Collaboration is our superpower.

Are you a coffee lover or you just love Us?
We have many options for how you can get involved.

Coffee Lovers £97

What is best than a Specialty coffee? A freshly roasted and ground coffee: Enjoy the best of our specialty coffee, selected and roasted just for you!

Family & Friends £247

We want to help you enjoy coffee in the best way to discover a good coffee. Grab this reward and get yourself deeper in the art of the coffee making, one of our certified baristas will make you an espresso master or give you the basics of the art of latte (yes,  just  the basics, there’s no shortcut  here, you will  need to  practice)