Surrounded by amazing smells, tastes and flavors 🤩

At our coffee cupping event the other week, we had an amazing palette of different blends to work with and test! Coffee cupping is a great way to learn more about coffee whether you’re a consumer, roaster, trader or barista.

We provided a variety of different samples to evaluate in the cupping session. The differences in the coffees is important when coffee cupping as it will help with knowing what you’re looking for when it comes to buying and selling coffee. Cupping is also great if you’re just looking to expand on your knowledge and experience with coffee.





Some amazing snaps from our event on Saturday night!🤩

Our event includes incredible art performances, and fantastic music whilst bringing coffee lovers together! It was a great turnout and was full of fun and laughter all night. We had a great night and hope that everyone who came did too!




Fantastic evening with the community of coffee lovers, it is a real pleasure to share a great experience with amazing people and expand our network at We roast’s parties.

Music is a great way to connect, we are glad to see our tribe growing in such a joyful enivirioment. 

After every success, we always remember to celebrate. This is how we do it! That’s the way we like it.